Jonathan Wilson's All-time Eleven


The editor of The Blizzard football magazine and author of multiple books about football including, Behind the Curtain, Inverting the Pyramid and Anatomy of England.

Peter Shilton

Gary Neville

Jack Charlton

Bobby Moore

Ashley Cole

Paul Gascoigne

Bryan Robson

Bobby Charlton

Tom Finney

Alan Shearer

Chris Waddle

My favourite England player: Bryan Robson

Bryan Robson might be from the wrong part of the North-East; although from Chester-le-Street, he's apparently of the Newcastle persuasion, but he's still my favourite player, mainly for the performance he gave in the 1982 World Cup. I think that first game against France was the first England game I ever watched and, of course, he scores after 27 seconds. But actually, it's his second goal, the header, that is so beautiful. Its a real neck-thrusting, Andy Carroll style flying horse header, with the little demi-mullet which gives it that little bit of something special. He's drenched in sweat, he's wearing that kit, he's wearing that wristband. Looking back, I wonder if Robson was perhaps the Steven Gerrard of his day, that he tactically unbalanced teams, that he did things that looked brilliant on highlight packages. You look at United in the 80s and they're not dissimilar to Liverpool now, getting close, falling short. But maybe that just makes him even more a tragic hero.


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All-time stats:

# Name Caps Goals
1Peter Shilton1250
2David Beckham11517
3Steven Gerrard10921
4Bobby Moore1082
5Ashley Cole1070
6Bobby Charlton10649
7Billy Wright1053
8Frank Lampard10329
9Bryan Robson9026
10Michael Owen8940

Most picked:

# Name Picks
1David Beckham885
2Bobby Moore875
3Ashley Cole731
4Bobby Charlton719
5Gary Neville717
6Paul Gascoigne657
7Alan Shearer654
8Gary Lineker572
9Gordon Banks541
10Paul Scholes458